Digital solutions

Want to make an immediate impact on your visitors, guests and customers just by looking at your building? Want to turn your façade into a true digital eye-catcher? Want to convey information as clearly as possible via digital LED screens and video walls? Take the step to digital signage? Or emphasise your corporate identity through the façade?

Then ProXpose is exactly who you need.

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Digital LED screens

Digital LED screens are ideal for use on the façade of your building or other special locations;

  • To make an indelible impact
  • To give the right impression of your company in a split second
  • To create a high-impact appearance
  • To convey the right message in a way that is transparent

ProXpose displays and narrowcasting systems

  • Ideal for powerfully conveying a commercial message
  • Different types of LED screens available, both for indoor and outdoor use
  • In any size, so suitable for every location
  • Meet the highest demands in terms of service life, clarity and functionality
  • Connect multiple screens to one large high-impact screen
  • Easy set-up and control
  • Easy to use, maintain and customise

Existing systems are easy to integrate thanks to the associated smart software and media player. Role-based accounts allow multiple and different accounts and permissions for different usage levels.

Installation, implementation and configuration are in our experienced hands. ProXpose is also your preferred partner for support and training in the use of narrowcasting systems.

Digital solutions from ProXPOSE

There is a huge difference between standard and the optimal experience.

ProXpose knows better than anyone that making an unforgettable impact is in the details. Whether it concerns digital signage or impressive, innovative and interactive screens. Flashy, dynamic or rustic, ProXpose creates exactly the right look indoors or outdoors using digital LED screens and video walls!

Experience the proven and reliable high quality of ProXpose yourself, in approaches and products. Feel free to challenge us, because leaving a lasting impression will keep people coming back to you again and again.

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