Eco-friendly and recyclable products

Façade banners and indoor print screens

No building is too high and no size is too outrageous for ProXpose. Eco-friendliness and recycling are also of paramount importance when printing and mounting façade banners. The specially developed frames and professional assembly by certified specialists ensure an impressive and high-impact end result.

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Circular mesh

A circular mesh banner or façade banner from ProXpose is the ideal future-proof application for your building’s exterior. For example, in the form of prints for major announcements of new films on cinema buildings. Circular mesh is of very high quality and made from largely used PET bottles.

Circular mesh screens and banners at ProXpose

  • Very high-quality textile, largely made from used PET bottles
  • No more use of eco-unfriendly PVC
  • Recyclable
  • XXL banners and façade banners; no format is too large.
  • Watch the video here and find out how these eco-friendly façade banners are made and mounted.
  • Exclusively available at ProXpose for the cinema and theatre industry

Illuminated and non-illuminated stretch screens for indoor and outdoor use

Durable circular backlit print screens and advertising screens for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications are made from 100% recycled polyester. The professional printing, frames and mounting of these print screens and façade banners together form the distinctive signature of ProXpose.

  • Circular backlit is a biobased material and 100% PVC-free
  • Screens are UV printed with solvent-free inks
  • Folding print screens
  • High colour strength, excellent black coverage and intensely well-defined images
  • Eco-friendly products, free from PVC, VOC, phthalates, chlorine, formaldehyde, heavy metals and ozone-depleting substances

Sustainability and recycling at ProXpose

At ProXpose we don’t wait for innovations to become more sustainable, we innovate ourselves. We take our responsibility to contribute a little more to a cleaner world every day. By using eco-friendly, recycled and recyclable banners, print screens and façade banners indoors and outdoors, we are already reducing CO2 emissions by more than 20 tons per year. And we continue to innovate. Processes are designed in a circular manner and raw materials are made more and more sustainable.

Are you concerned about quality, size and sustainability? Then opt for eco-friendly and recyclable material, unique in the world!

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