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In 4 clear steps
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    In preparation, we hold an exploratory meeting to find out who you are and what you expect from us. This allows us to get a good idea of the company, the situation, the possibilities and impossibilities. This initial meeting takes place at your company; that’s the place to be, that’s where it has to happen.

    The first step after the exploratory meeting is the measuring process. We will visit you to carefully measure the space(s) and observe the situation in practice. For good signage, for example, we need to know how visitors can or should move, so they don’t get in each other’s way. Clear routing is certainly essential in the current situation, so we take that into account as well.

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    Based on the meeting, the measuring and the agreements we make in advance, an analysis is made which forms the basis for the design and budget, so you also know where you stand from a financial point of view.

    We present the design together with the budget at our or your office. If both are approved, ProXPOSE draws up a work schedule and finds the right people to get the job done. Who does what, where and when are questions that need to be answered.

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    ProXPOSE prepares working drawings, overviews and ensures everyone knows what their task is and when. We try to plan the implementation tightly, so you will experience as little inconvenience as possible. ProXPOSE functions as a coordinator and maintains an overview, but also as a project manager, keeping a close eye on the budget.

    The ProXPOSE installation team consists of our own technicians and technicians from specialist companies for specialist matters. The companies that are used are carefully selected and meet the standards and quality requirements. This way, we always deploy the right and best people to achieve the best result.

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    During the ‘construction’ phase, you sometimes encounter unforeseen things. On site, we will look at how this can be adjusted and resolved. Adjustments are made where necessary, even though we try to stay ahead of these situations in the preparation phase.

    After the project has been completed, we do of course hope it has been carried out to everyone’s satisfaction and we evaluate whether it meets the requirements.

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